Sarah Jane Lapp

Friends! This summer in celebration of vitamin D (sun) and C (community) I will share my puzzles, one-off cards and paintings from my "Valentine for the Planet" project on the streets of NYC and Providence. In general, locations include:

In New York (Friday, Sat, Sun):
Soho: Near St. Anthony's Church, 154 Sullivan Street – I set up on Houston during day; or night market in Little Italy. Park Slope, Brooklyn: Near or in yard of PS 321 at 180 7th Avenue 11215 (between 1st and 2nd).

In Providence:
In tandem with "Field of Artisans" at Shared Space on 140 Broadway, Thursday evenings 6/16 and 7/21, 5-9pm.

I will also have a wee exhibition INSIDE for a few months in PVD. More on that later, but save August 18th if you're wandering around New England and need some cheese and music.

In Seekonk:
Meadows Celebration, Saturday, June 18th - Seekonk Public Library Meadows.

In Seattle and in the World:
I'm so grateful for your continued participation in Valentine for the Planet! We've been able to contribute to six different agencies so far! I just sent Rogers & Ryan a heap of works - including some sentimental (?) nudes I drew in 2002.

Puzzles for waiting room and lobbies?

Assembling a puzzleI started this puzzle project as a way to transform (dreary) public spaces and create opportunity for communal engagement. So, let me know if you work in an office that could use some extra fun and magic.

© Sarah Jane Lapp, 2016