Mercy 43
Photo: Erik Gould

Valentine for the Planet - all year long

Hello and Happy 2016!

This past year showed me that best form of renewable energy is forgiveness. I'm sharing the image that helped me make that journey—my visual diary of my life spent for the last two years working in the solar industry. I call it "Mercy 43." 1000 piece puzzle forthcoming, and, who knows, maybe a print edition? Write me if interested in pre-order.

This piece spans 9 x 6 feet. I made it on archival seamed paper (it worked for Charles Burchfield, right?), and I'd like to find a good home for it. That home could be an institution (prison? hospital?), or it could be your wall? Please contact me with ideas...I had to liberate from the floor of my studio so I can do new work!

Also, for those of you who have asked over the years: yes, I do commissions; yes, I mentor students; and yes, I sell my work. Rogers & Ryan in Seattle offers a cache of my originals; in Stuttgart, Katja Goldbeck-Horz watches over a lot of my paintings that evolved into films. I also keep a stash in my studio, some of which I post in "Works on Paper." I'm happy to send you digital images, or you can just come visit. Today, we can offer you gingered carrot soup ...(courtesy ancient Moosewood cookbook).

In 2016 I will share half ofthe artist commission from R & R sales with the individual organizations tagged on each art piece. See the selection and organizations here.

Brick and Mortar Portals

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