This Is a Life Worth Living


Re-create the painting pictured here, "This Is a Life Worth Living," as a 20" x 28" 1000-piece puzzle! Click here to learn more. For those of you who prefer their art ready-made, I have eight prints left in the edition of these 39 x 29.5 Hahnemuhle etching paper prints (puzzle included)! See lovely framed prints and puzzles here.

Thank you to everyone who purchased prints and puzzles in 2013! I've loved seeing your images and hearing your feedback:

"I think your puzzles should be banned by the FDA... they are absolutely addictive"

"After about 30 minutes on the phone they had to hang up so that we could stop distracting them from the puzzle! T. reported to my mom at 2:30 am on Friday night that they had completed it! I think about 30 hours in all, and declared the hardest puzzle they had ever done."



  • Thank you to all those who attended our first Solar Soup Sunday, and congratulations to Read Street residents who won print #3 of my "This Is a Life Worth Living" when they signed a contract with GSGS!
  • I want to build a PVsolar pangolin for our town Meadows. Who wants to help?
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